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Here is the latest news in  Film & Animation, hopefully I haven't missed anything out!

As you all know we're in the middle of Film, Animation and Flash month for theArtHistoryProject and there's still time to write something for Film, Animation and Flash if you're interested! Here is the signup sheet for those of you who are interested in writing something!

SqueakyToybox and I have been running this contest in conjunction with the ArtHistoryProject we need a lot more entries so if you're just finishing your little shorts or other work, don't forget the deadline is at the end of this month! 

Remember we're not looking for feature length epics, just short fun pieces. So if you got time to create something short over the weekend that's fine by us! ;)

For more information visit this journal!

We have sweet juicy premium memberships to give away so don't miss out!

Film In Progress articles

As you have probably noticed I have recently started the Film in Progress series of articles. This will be an ongoing project for me tailored to help the community project their works in progress with regards to film and animation. 

So far we have:
To get involved in this just send me a note! :)

DD Roundups

And last but not least, let's not forget the fantastic pieces that have received DD's so far! :clap:

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