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Film & Animation!

Got a Film and Animation Daily Deviation suggestion?

Note me with your suggestion and if you wish a little comment on what you think about the piece!

I have a feature film/animation in development, and I want to be part of the Film In Progress articles! Where do I sign up?

Just take a quick look at this to give you a little idea and send me a note to let me know you're interested. I'll ask you some questions loosely based on the ones you see in that journal!

I'm interested in submitting film/animation but I can't submit my work!

Take a look at this faq!

FAQ #831: Why can't just anyone submit film?

Hey! Since you animate, think you could help me out with my work?

Unfortunately I cannot work for free. I'm happy giving advice and words of wisdom based on my experiences, however I'm a freelance illustrator and animator, and I have to pay my bills. ;P

Galleries Month


Hi everyone! Welcome to the first of two articles about the film and animation gallery. 

Our gallery is the part of deviantART where everything comes to life! Our community is relatively small compared to some galleries but it is a thriving and exciting one. The range of talent we have includes super talented design students through to professional motion graphic wizards!

With independent film and animation works on the rise over the years, it’s a really exciting community and gallery to be a part of right now!

For gallery descriptions month TimberClipse and I will be talking about the gallery as a whole, the application process, how the gallery runs and even a little bit about ourselves!


Film & animation in deviantART in general 

Film & Animation is a gallery in itself on deviantART but it’s not the only gallery that has motion in. There are animations independent from this gallery, namely the Digital Art gallery, Traditional Art, Customization > Emoticons and Flash. So when you're sending us your Daily Deviation suggestions please remember to check the root category! ;)

Let before we look at the actual Film and Animation gallery let us take a look at those other galleries and celebrate the work that they have in motion!

Digital Art > Animation

XIIIDster T8 Turntable by xiiid ANIMATED Monster In The Room by minicosmicgirl Holding Patterns Animation Test by TR-B

Traditional Art > Animation

Animation Test - Tea Time by Miss-Belfry Vulture Pencil Test by ThreeDerpMoon Rain Gif by room4shoes

Customization > Emoticons

Kiss the World Cup Emoticon by Gomotes Stoked by Krissi001 Giant Faint by Web5teRShy kiss by Krissi001 I'm a bomb by BurgerBunny

Flash > Animations

Librarian owl scene by RedrickShuheart Buildings - Production by Lord-Dragon-Phoenix Life of Cow by Dei-bon

As you can see there's a wealth of talent on deviantART in all the galleries, you never cease to impress us! The reason why there is animation work in other galleries is simply because we separate the work by different mediums. So if you have ever sent us Daily Deviation suggestions and we've redirected you to someone else, you now know why!

Nonetheless there is fantastic animation work in all these galleries so if you love the Flim & Animation gallery, do check out these other galleries as well!  

Film & Animation gallery overview

The Film & Animation gallery is split into the 6 main categories, each with their own subcategories e.g. 2D, 3D, Stop Motion, Stills etc. It is the main gallery for motion work and every style you can imagine can be found in the galleries!  

Here is a selection of work from each main category!
  • Commercials - any sort of videos that is for promotional purposes.
  • Film - video work that has been shot on film.
  • Multimation - videos that have been made with a mixture of different mediums.
  • Trailers - short animations or films to introduced and promote feature works.


It was difficult for me to choose just a few works from each gallery because the range of work is so vast! I recommend that you check them all out yourself, there are some real gems in all of them! 

deviantART film application process

You can submit works to any gallery on deviantART the moment you register with us! However the deviantART film community is a little different, you have to apply for the privileges to submit film and animation files. This is so we can maintain a certain level of production value to submitted work.

FAQ #831: Why can't just anyone submit film?

You have to fill in an application form and naturally we advice members to read through the deviantART film FAQ's in the help section to make sure you understand the basics e.g. copyright music and image, file size and duration limits, licences etc.

In your application we would ask you to link to current film or animation work you have from your portfolio site or public video site such as Vimeo or YouTube. We also ask that you link to any material you used that isn't yours, such as images or music so that we know all the material is either produced by you, or you obtained the proper permissions and licences to use any other material. If we feel that work isn't credited properly this can invalidate your application!

As far as work quality is concerned we're not looking for applicants who can work to the level of Disney or Studio Ghibli, we're looking for potential! So don't be shy and feel free to send in your animatics and student work! 

Sometimes you may not have to apply, you may simply receive an invite! And once you're part of the film community you can in turn invite other deviants to join as well.

FAQ #836: How does the 'Film' invitation process work?

For more information on the application process please check out the deviantART film section in our help page!

More information on the Film & Animation gallery in part 2 of this Project Educate series!


Kingman Cheng
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
United Kingdom
Hey there! I'm Kingman Cheng and I'm a BBC (British Born Chinese) illustrator and animator, who is also skilled in UI and website design.

My work is inspired by practically anything I've seen, heard or experienced in my life. To name just a few: old tales, childhood memories, history, culture, and even just conversations I've had.

I can work in a wide variety of styles because I believe in being adaptive and designing to fit the briefs I work to. However I have to say my work generally isn't 'clean', and I love textures, tone and exciting composition!

2012 - Winner of the Piccadilly Circus Screen Challenge.
2012/2013 - Music video shortlisted for bang! Short Film Festival.
2012 - Music video wins Best Music in the Braine Hownd Awards.
2013 - 'Howl's Moving Castle' pixel animation selected for a Daily Deviation award at DeviantART.
2013 - Winner of Rachel Bright's Love Monster & The Perfect Book Trailer Competition
2014 - Official music video for Through the Fields selected for a Daily Deviation award at DeviantART.

If you would like to contact me about my work or would just like a bit of a chat please don't hestitate to contact me!

Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | LinkedIn



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